World Resources Forum Asia-Pacific 2015

Monday 1st June:

Dr Alex Wonhas, Executive Director, Energy and Resources CSIRO DOWNLOAD
Prof Masamichi Yoshimura, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan
Janet Salem, UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

Dimensions of Resource Productivity

Ruth Lane, Monash University DOWNLOAD
Glen Corder, University of Queensland DOWNLOAD
Mathias Schluep, World Resources Forum, Switzerland DOWNLOAD
A/Prof Akbar Rhamdhani, Swinburne University of Technology DOWNLOAD
Mark Jackson, A Prince Consulting DOWNLOAD

Zero Waste and Community Benefits

Rick Anthony, Zero Waste International Alliance, USA DOWNLOAD
Colleen Foster, City of Oceanside, California DOWNLOAD
Gerry Gillespie, Resource Recovery Australia    DOWNLOAD

Transition Pathways I

Dr Xuan Zhu, Monash University DOWNLOAD
Tim Werner, Monash University DOWNLOAD
Simon Wright, Institute for Sustainability Futures, University of Technology, Sydney DOWNLOAD

Industrial Symbiosis in the Asia Pacific 
Dick van Beers, Sustainability Engineer DOWNLOAD

What Does The Goal of 'Regenerative' Development Mean for Building Materials?

Andy Marlow, Envirotecture DOWNLOAD

Resourcing Future Generations: What Will Surprise Us?

Saleem Ali, University of Queensland DOWNLOAD
Ben McLellan, Kyoto University DOWNLOAD

Tuesday 2nd June:

Reinhard Kaiser, German Federal Minister for the Environment
Christine Gibbs-Stewart, Austmine DOWNLOAD
Stan Krpan. CEO Sustainability Victoria DOWNLOAD
A/Prof Damien Giurco, Research Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures DOWNLOAD

Transition Pathways II

A/Prof Ben McLellan, Kyoto University, Japan DOWNLOAD
Rick Anthony, Zero Waste, International Alliance, USA DOWNLOAD

Investment Decision Making for an Energy Productive Australia

Dick Van Beers, Sustainability Engineer DOWNLOAD
Mary Stewart, Energetics DOWNLOAD
Graham Bryant, Simplot DOWNLOAD
Anita Stadler, A2SE DOWNLOAD

Radical Innovations

Dr Zhongguang Ji, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China DOWNLOAD
Eleonore Lebre, University of Queensland DOWNLOAD
Amy Quinton, University of Queensland DOWNLOAD

Future Metals

Fiona Solomon, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative DOWNLOAD
Ross Davies, Steel Stewardship Forum and Bluescope Steel DOWNLOAD

Transition Pathways for Carbon Based Energy and Materials

Geoff Bell, Microbiogen DOWNLOAD
Mark Glover, Eco Waste and Renewed Carbon DOWNLOAD

High Impact Ideas by Students

Sharron Liu DOWNLOAD
Brianna Ganly DOWNLOAD
Simon Wright DOWNLOAD

New Business Models in Waste with the Rise of Social Enterprise

Ruth Lane, Monash University DOWNLOAD
Sarah Chisholm and John Weate, Resource Recovery Australia DOWNLOAD

Wealth from Waste: Unlocking the Value of Urban Ores   
Workshop Slides in partnership with the Wealth from Waste cluster DOWNLOAD
Workshop Outputs in partnership with the Wealth from Waste cluster  DOWNLOAD

The Case for Material Efficiency
Rod Clare, NSW Office of Environment and Heritage DOWNLOAD
Gary Foster, Edge Environment DOWNLOAD

Presenter Videos
Janet Salem
UNEP Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

UNEP Indicates for a resource efficient and green Asia and the Pacific
The first step to resource efficiency is understanding current use. Natural resource use can be rather difficult to visualize-- join host Patchari Raksawong as she helps explain just how resource use in the Asia-Pacific looks with the help of custom animations and live footage filmed for the region. Explore the use of different resources required to garner 1 US$ in different parts of the region and see how current use stacks up (literally)!