AGITG ASM - Abstract Review 2019

Dear all,

1.Click on Submissions in the Menu above.

2. You will see a list of the 20 Submissions to be reviewed

3. Click on the first abstract you would like to review.

4. The Abstract will come up on the left of your Screen.

5. Notes and input boxes will come up on the right of your Screen:

  i. Indicate if you have a "Conflict of Interest" in reviewing this submission, by checking YES or NO. 
     (NOTE: If you answer YES, you will NOT be able to score it!)
  ii. Add a comment / review (optional, not required).
  iii. Score the submission from 1 (being lowest) to 10 (being highest).
  iv. At the bottom click ‘Save and Submit’.
  v. Or if you have changed your mind and do NOT want to score this submission, just hit 'Cancel' to return to the main screen.

6. Please score ALL 20 submissions!

7. Deadline date Tuesday 18th June – thank you in advance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Kind regards,
Sarah Dixon

Conference Secretariat
Tel: 02 9419 4889 / +612 9419 4889