NSW Collaboration for Defence

NSW Collaboration for Defence Symposium

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) sponsored by NSW Department of Industry and in partnership with Sydney Aerospace and Defence Interest Group, Australian Industry & Defence Network and Hunternet held this event on 15th February 2017 as a forum for Defence, NSW universities and industry to gather, network and coordinate their collective capabilities in order to address critical national defence priorities.

NSW is home to the largest number of Defence bases and facilities in Australia with 30,000 (approx.) jobs servicing the defence industry. With greater cohesion and cooperation between industry, government and academia, as described under the National Innovation and Science agenda, NSW is well positioned to stimulate economic activity by enabling unprecedented investments in Defence R&D, capability and infrastructure.

“The Government encourages a new approach to innovation through closer collaboration between Defence, industry and research organisations to jointly develop game-changing innovation and commercialisation opportunities.”   Defence Industry Policy Statement 2016

“Together our small, medium and large enterprises, along with Australian research institutions and academics, have a track record of producing some of the world’s most innovative defence technologies.”   Defence Industry Policy Statement 2016