2016 Summer Study on Energy Productivity
2016 Summer Study on Energy Productivity presentations:

PLENARY SESSIONS [click here to view]

  • Opening Plenary 1
  • Plenary 2 - Government Leadership in Energy Productivity
  • Plenary 3 - Building Consensus for Energy Productivity
  • Plenary 4 - The New Frontier - Energy productivity and innovation


Markets & Regulations: [click here to view]

  • International Leadership in Energy Productivity and Energy Efficiency
  • 40% and Beyond: Setting and meeting Australia's Energy Productivity Goals
  • Market Transformation 1: Super-efficient Appliances and Equipment 
  • Market Transformation 2: Energy Productivity & Commercial Buildings
  • Disruption & Innovation: Decentralised Energy, Demand Management & Electricity Markets

Sectoral Energy Productivity:  [click here to view]

  • Doubling Energy Productivity in Food and Agriculture
  • Doubling Energy Productivity in Resources and Mining
  • Doubling Energy Productivity in Industry and Manufacturing
  • Doubling Energy Productivity in Passenger Transport
  • Doubling Energy Productivity in Freight Transport

Communities & Communication: [click here to view]

  • Price of Progress? Creating customer-friendly Electricity Network and Retailer Tariffs
  • Maximising Value for Energy in the Home
  • Community Engagement in Energy
  • Working with the Media to Communicate Energy Productivity
  • Local Government Leadership in Energy Productivity and Urban Design
  • Engines of reform: Cogen/Trigen, Bioenergy and Gas Fired Local Generation
  • Cutting Costs with Solar
  • Watts in Store? The Value Proposition of Energy Storage
  • Innovative Financing for Energy Productivity
  • Innovation and Energy Productivity

  • Energy Efficiency Certificate Schemes In Australia
  • Mission Possible? Living in the 2000-Watt Society
  • Improving the Availability of Energy Use Data in Australia
  • Australia's Large Scale Energy Efficiency Grand Programs for Local Government, Community and Small Business - What have we Learned?
  • Our Efficient, Smart, Distributed and Diverse Energy Future